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Metal removal

Dekastrip AT

An alkaline, cyan-free chemical demetallization that removes electrolytically deposited nickel layers from steel, copper and copper alloys without attacking the base material or solder.

Sedimet G-Uni

An electrolytic process that removes nickel, chromium, copper, zinc and brass from electroplating racks, which are made with stainless steel wire as contact material, without attacking the base material.

Useful auxiliary products and metal treatments

Anti-rust agent Ferroseal 48

This product prevents rust formation during water evaporation after rinsing ferrous base materials without leaving a film.

Rinsing aid Dekaseal 12

This is a corrosion inhibitor for copper and brass. Tarnishing, pitting, efflorescence and stains are effectively suppressed by an invisible protective film.

Mist suppressor Sprühex

Sprühex is added to alkaline degreasing solutions in order to prevent the spraying of solution components during the electrolytic treatment in such solutions. Such spray mist can occur and cause nuisance, particularly in electrolytic processes for degreasing, derusting or descaling. When added in low concentrations, Sprühex has the effect that such spray mist is held back by a thin, non-disruptive layer of foam.

Metal coloring Decacolor 63 MS

The Dekacolor 63 MS coloring solution is a carefully compiled preparation, which represents a significant improvement over conventional processes based on sulfur. With this coloring solution a uniform coloring can be achieved on copper, brass, silver and steel. The color of copper and brass varies from light yellow to dark brown, depending on the selected working conditions. Iron and silver turn gray-black and black, respectively. Areas of application are decorative surfaces on lamps, furniture fittings, medals, etc.

Polishing electrolyte Dekapolish CS

The fine deburring, smoothing and shining of workpieces made of chrome steel with more than 13% chrome and hardened carbon steel works perfectly with this Cr-VI-free polishing electrolyte. The electrolyte is delivered ready to use.

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