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Even though electroplating is becoming less and less, the demands placed on metallic surfaces in terms of appearance, corrosion resistance, sliding properties and many other properties are still increasing. Modern furniture construction, the entire household and construction sector, electronics, mechanical engineering, automobile and aircraft construction, etc. can no longer do without reliable electroplating technology.

We ensure that our customers can produce under uncompromisingly professional conditions - and do so in the most resource, cost and therefore environmentally friendly way possible. This not only includes the use of chemicals and wastewater technology, but also the transport of our additives to our customers as well as occupational safety in all manufacturing processes.

Our company history

1891 Foundation of the company H & W Kampschulte on November 1st by the brothers Heinrich & Wilhelm Kampschulte in Vohwinkel
1896 Relocation to Solingen to Schützenstrasse and expansion
1903 Participation in the ‘Industriewerke für heilgymnastische Apparate, Maschinen und Metallwaren GmbH’
1910 Start of in-house production of preparations for electroplating; Merging and expansion of the companies H & W Kampschulte and the industrial plants to form Dr. W. Kampschulte & Cie., Industrial plant for electrochemistry and therapeutic gymnastics
1921 Change of corporate form or foundation of Dr. W. Kampschulte AG
1935 Change of corporate form to the limited partnership Dr. W. Kampschulte & Cie.
1950 Worldwide patenting of the high-gloss nickel process "DeWeKa-Superglanz", use of quadruple unsaturated alcohols as secondary brighteners. Start of strong expansion through worldwide export of equipment and preparations; triumphant advance of high-gloss nickel plating.
1994 Give up of plant engineering and concentration on the development and production of preparations for electroplating.
1995 Founding of Dr. M. Kampschulte GmbH & Co. KG; production, laboratory and warehouse in Düsseldorf
1999 Introduction of a quality management policy based on EN ISO 9000: 1994
2012 First certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001
2015 Dr. Heinrich Kampschulte takes over the management of the Kampschulte company in the fifth generation
2016 Completion of the 125th year of the presence of Kampschulte products in the electrochemical and electroplating industry, 100% family-owned throughout
2021 Publication of the new website

„If you want to read in the future, you have to browse through the past.“

- André Malraux -

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